Microgreen Pads - Pure Set of 8 - Mustard
Microgreen Pads - Pure Set of 8 - Mustard

Microgreen Pads - Pure Set of 8 - Mustard

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With the Microgreen Pads Pure Set you always have your favorite type of microgreens in stock for your Raumgarten - ready to harvest in just a few days.

Contains 8 microgreen pads of the mustard variety.

Discover the fascinating world of indoor cultivation - with our organic seed pads, gardening in your own four walls becomes pure pleasure. Let yourself be enchanted by the variety of mustard microgreens, which promise a hot and spicy enjoyment. Enjoy its unique flavor, vibrant pops of color, and limitless uses ranging from salads to sandwiches.

Our organic seed pads bring the powerful spiciness of mustard microgreens directly to your home. The tender sprouts thrive beautifully in your Raumgarten and delight with their characteristic note. Let your creativity run wild and give your dishes a unique, spicy touch.

Growing the mustard microgreens is very easy: As soon as the first leaves sprout, nothing stands in the way of the harvest - similar to the familiar microgreens. Experience the joy of indoor gardening! The seed pad cover can be easily removed to promote healthy and vigorous growth.

Experience the magic of indoor cultivation with the Mustard Microgreen and enjoy the freshness of nature straight from your indoor garden. Gardening has never been so convenient and fulfilling!

The taste

A spice that has been valued for generations in Asia for its hot spice and impressive health benefits. But its popularity is not limited to the Far East - it is also very popular in international cuisine as an essential component of "Asian salads". The ingredients of this spice not only give your dishes a unique spiciness, but also support your immune system and help ward off cancer. It is also said to promote blood circulation, strengthen eyesight and contribute to the health of your bones. As a member of the cruciferous family, the classic mustard shares its health-promoting properties with other vitamin heroes such as broccoli, radishes or radishes.

With its intense and characteristic aroma, the classic mustard not only enhances the taste of your dishes, but also adds a touch of health.

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