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frequently asked Questions

General questions about the Raumgarten

The Raumgarten has a total height of 85cm, is 100cm wide and 46cm deep. This means that it can be planned as a base cabinet for all standard kitchens - or of course it can also stand freely in the room.

The Raumgarten is made of high-quality materials such as stainless steel and powder-coated metal

The Raumgarten is suitable for any room at a room temperature of 16-25°. You don't need any specific lighting, but direct sunlight should be avoided.

The Raumgarten uses about as much electricity as a television, the cost is around €15 per month (calculated based on the high electricity prices of December 2022).

Since we produce to order, we collect the orders in advance. If you have specific delivery time requests, let us know. Otherwise, we look forward to your pre-order for production.

The Raumgarten offers space for up to 60 growing spaces over 3 floors. Depending on usage, an average of 5-7 kg of harvest is achieved per month. The possible uses vary, from microgreens to salads, herbs & edible flowers.

Yes, the Raumgarten is also suitable for commercial use, including catering. Many of our customers are already successfully using the space garden to produce fresh ingredients in their restaurants or shops.

The Raumgarten is currently available in the dimensions 100x83x47 cm. We will also offer other sizes in the future. The room garden can be set up flexibly with an integrated water tank.

Our standard subscription starts at €79 per month. There is also a premium subscription for €119 per month.

The Raumgarten allows you to grow a variety of seeds, including herbs, salads and microgreens.

We start with a wide selection of 30 different plants and are constantly expanding them.

The instructions for growing are simple and are included. After a short time you can experiment yourself - even and especially as a beginner.

The Raumgarten has a 2-year warranty and guarantee, but can be used for a very long time with normal care.

The Raumgarten allows year-round cultivation without requiring a lot of space. Thanks to optimal light and nutrient supply, the plants grow up to 25% faster.

The spatial garden also prevents loss of nutrients. These are a big problem with many foods today.

The Raumgarten also reduces water consumption compared to conventional cultivation methods.

We offer various payment methods including credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. If you have any questions about payment processing, please feel free to contact us.

Of course, we can adjust the billing address. Please let us know the desired billing address.

Questions about indoor planting and harvesting

The Raumgarten offers flexible usage options. Larger plants with a height of around 20-30cm can be grown in the middle drawer.

Yes, the Raumgarten comes with detailed instructions that explain how to optimally grow the different types of plants. This guide offers valuable tips on caring for and harvesting plants.

Yes, the Raumgarten is also suitable for growing exotic plants and medicinal herbs. The optimal supply of light and nutrients supports the growth of many different plant species.

Cleaning the Raumgarten is uncomplicated. The Raumgarten should be cleaned approximately every 3 months to ensure optimal hygiene. The levels and containers are cleaned automatically. You just need to wipe down the other areas in the classic way you would with other household appliances.

We offer a cleaner in our shop.

Yes, the Raumgarten is also suitable for beginners in plant cultivation. The included instructions and intuitive control via the app make growing fresh ingredients in the indoor garden simple and uncomplicated.

Yes, we regularly offer training and workshops on using the Raumgarten. Feel free to ask us if you have any questions via video.

General questions about the Tischgarten

The Tischgarten starter kit is an ideal way to start your entry into the world of urban farming. With this set you can start straight away with the organic seed varieties rocket, radish, red cabbage, black cabbage, garden cress, wheatgrass and mustard and discover the diverse tastes.

The set includes:

1 Tischgarten with a diameter of 17.5 cm

Cultivationn disc sets for 3 plants

3 types of seeds (can be selected from a total of 6 in the online shop)

DE-ÖKO-003 certification

The Tischgarten in the starter kit uses the principle of hydroponics. The cultivation discs supplied are soaked in water and inserted into the table garden. The seeds contained are placed on the cultivation discs and can thus germinate and grow optimally.

Anything that is not edible goes into the organic waste bin or compost. The Tischgarten is therefore circular.

The starter kit contains the organic seed varieties rocket, red cabbage, black cabbage, garden cress, wheatgrass, radishes and mustard. These varieties are perfect for growing in the Tischgarten and give you a variety of tastes.

Yes, the ceramic products in the Starter Kit are handmade. This can result in slight unevenness in the glaze or occasional organic discoloration caused by the firing. These are part of the product and add to its uniqueness and beauty.

Yes, you can also use your own seeds in the Tischgarten starter kit. However, make sure they are suitable for hydroponics and provide the right conditions for healthy growth.

The time until harvest varies depending on the type of microgreens. As a rule, the first harvests can occur after just 5-8 days. You can find the exact instructions on the seed packets.

Caring for the Tischgarten is super easy as it is dishwasher safe.

You can order replacement cultivation discs directly from us. They are specially designed for the Tischgarten starter kit and ensure successful cultivation cycles.