Microgreen Pads - Pure Set of 8 - Garden Cress
Microgreen Pads - Pure Set of 8 - Garden Cress

Microgreen Pads - Pure Set of 8 - Garden Cress

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With the Microgreen Pads Pure Set you always have your favorite type of microgreens in stock for your Raumgarten - ready to harvest in just a few days.

Contains 8 microgreen pads of the garden cress variety.

Discover the magic of growing a garden in your own four walls - our organic seed pads make indoor gardening a pleasure. Immerse yourself in the world of garden cress, a true green delight. Enjoy the fresh flavor, vibrant colors and versatility of use to enhance your dishes - from salads to soups to sandwiches.

Our organic seed pads bring the crisp freshness of garden cress directly to your home. The tender sprouts thrive beautifully in your Raumgarten and delight with their unique, mustard-like to radish-like, slightly spicy to peppery taste and smell. Unleash your creativity and add a refreshing touch to your meals.

Growing garden cress is extremely straightforward: the cover on the seed pads can be quickly removed to promote healthy growth. As soon as the first leaves sprout, you can harvest the cress - a bit like the familiar microgreens from the supermarket, only grown right in front of your eyes, without any supply chain. Experience the joy of indoor farming!

Start your own little garden adventure now and enjoy the freshness of nature directly from your Raumgarten. Growing indoors has never been so easy and fulfilling!

The taste

Its characteristic, spicy-hot aroma, produced by the typical mustard oils, makes it an ideal, healthy substitute in salads, dressings, sauces and of course on bread or sandwiches. But it's not just its taste that's remarkable - its health-promoting properties are also worth paying attention to. The mustard oils that give it its flavor are also responsible for its blood purification ability, its support of metabolism and digestion, its natural antibiotic effects and even its positive effects on kidney function. A low carbohydrate content in combination with the promoting effect on metabolism make this microgreen a reliable companion for a balanced diet.

The familiar face that has accompanied you for so long is now here in a new, more conscious form for your Raumgarten. Let's take the culinary journey to the next level together!