Purple Radish  - Pure Set of 8 Microgreen Pads
Purple Radish  - Pure Set of 8 Microgreen Pads

Purple Radish - Pure Set of 8 Microgreen Pads

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With the Microgreen Pads Pure Set you always have your favorite type of microgreens in stock for your Raumgarten - ready to harvest in just a few days.

Contains 8 microgreen pads of the purple radish variety.

Let your indoor garden bloom - our organic seed pads make indoor farming effortless. Discover the fascinating purple radish, a real feast for the eyes with a delicious taste. Give your dishes that certain something with intense color, freshness and taste - be it in salads, soups or sandwiches.

The organic seed pads bring the tasty world of purple radishes directly to your home. In the Raumgarten, the delicate sprouts thrive in incomparable splendor. Their refreshing, slightly spicy taste gives your creations a special touch.

Growing purple radishes is child's play: As soon as the tender leaves unfold, you can harvest the radishes - a bit like the well-known microgreens. Indoor gardening has never been so exciting! The seed pad cover can be quickly removed to promote growth.

Start your personal garden revolution now and enjoy the natural splendor of your Raumgarten. Your kitchen will literally explode with colors and flavors!

The taste

The uniqueness of this microgreen lies in the impressive essential mustard oils, which not only make up its intense flavor, but also bring an impressive range of capabilities. This microgreen acts like a protective armor: antibacterial, antiviral, cleansing, detoxifying and even anti-mold. A few grains of this miracle in your sprouting jar and you'll have a natural defense mechanism in your home.

But that's not all - this microgreen is a real superfood. Its magnesium content is four times that of adult varieties, and its remarkable protein content of 30-35% is simply unsurpassed. Added to this is the fascinating, deep purple color, which not only impresses on your windowsill, but also gives your dishes a truly royal shine.