Plug 6'er Pure - Sage
Plug 6'er Pure - Sage

Plug 6'er Pure - Sage

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Contains 6 sage plugs filled with seeds.

Immerse yourself in the world of indoor gardening in an aromatic way - with our seed plugs, growing sage in the Raumgarten becomes a fragrant pleasure. This set contains six carefully selected seed plugs that bring the intense taste and invigorating scent of sage straight to your home.

The sage in these seed plugs surprises with its strong, slightly spicy taste and its characteristic scent. Use it in meat dishes, sauces or as an aromatic note in your vegetables to create an authentic Mediterranean touch.

But why not experiment a little? Try sage in refreshing teas, as an aromatic note in your oils, or even as a flavorful addition to your stews. Your creativity knows no limits!

Give your Raumgarten the opportunity to bloom and add that tempting taste and scent to your dishes with our sage seed plugs. Your culinary journey into the world of indoor cultivation begins now - uncomplicated, inspiring and full of aroma!