Plug 6'er Pure - Parsley (flat)
Plug 6'er Pure - Parsley (flat)

Plug 6'er Pure - Parsley (flat)

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Contains 6 plugs of the parsley variety (smooth) filled with seeds.

Prepare to explore the world of indoor gardening – our seed plugs make growing flat-leaf parsley in your Raumgarten a breeze. This set contains six carefully selected seed plugs that bring the aromatic leaves of flat-leaf parsley straight to your home.

The flat-leaf parsley in these seed plugs surprises with its fresh, slightly spicy taste and aromatic scent. Use them in salads, as a garnish for soups or as a delicious condiment to your dishes to add an invigorating touch.

But why not get a little creative? Try flat-leaf parsley in homemade pestos, as a topping for your pasta, or even as an aromatic note in your vegetable stock. Your imagination knows no boundaries!

Give your Raumgarten the chance to bloom and add a fresh, aromatic touch to your dishes with our flat leaf parsley seed plugs. Your culinary journey into the world of indoor cultivation begins now - uncomplicated, inspiring and full of taste!