Plugs - Pak Choi - 12 Stk.
Plugs - Pak Choi - 12 Stk.

Plugs - Pak Choi - 12 Stk.

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Contains 6 Pak Choi seed plugs.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of indoor gardening - with our Pak Choi seed plugs, growing this Asian leafy vegetable specialty in your indoor garden becomes child's play. This set includes six carefully selected seed plugs that bring the crisp and juicy leaves of pak choi directly into your kitchen.

Pak Choi, known for its crunchy stems and tender leaves, surprises with a mild, slightly sweet taste and a fresh note. It is perfect for Asian dishes, as a crunchy ingredient in salads or as a healthy addition to soups and stir-fries to add an exotic and healthy component to your meals.

But why not experiment? Use pak choi for steamed side dishes, as a crunchy addition to wok dishes or add it raw to fresh summer rolls. Your creativity knows no limits!

Let your indoor garden blossom with our Pak Choi seed plugs and enrich your kitchen with a touch of Asia. Your culinary journey of discovery into the world of indoor cultivation begins here - simple, inspiring and full of taste!