Plugs - Mizuna - 12 Stk.
Plugs - Mizuna - 12 Stk.

Plugs - Mizuna - 12 Stk.

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Contains 6 seed-filled plugs of the Mizuna variety.

Experience the joy of indoor gardening in a refreshing way - our seed plugs make growing Mizuna in the Raumgarten an effortless pleasure. This set contains six carefully selected seed plugs that bring the spicy taste and crunchy texture of Mizuna straight to your home.

The Mizuna in these seed plugs surprises with its slightly peppery taste and delicate, crunchy texture. Use it in salads, sandwiches or as an interesting accompaniment to your dishes to add a spicy touch and a pleasant texture.

But why not get a little creative? Try Mizuna in Asian-inspired dishes, as a topping for ramen, or as a surprise ingredient in your smoothies. Your imagination knows no boundaries!

Give your Raumgarten the opportunity to bloom and add a spicy, crunchy touch to your dishes with our Mizuna seed plugs. Start your culinary journey into the world of indoor cultivation - uncomplicated, inspiring and full of taste!