Plug 6'er Pure - horned violet
Plug 6'er Pure - horned violet

Plug 6'er Pure - horned violet

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Edible flowers are not only an absolute eye-catcher on any dish, they can also have a wonderful aroma, like the horned violet. Try the fresh flowers in tea, for example!

Contains 6 horned violet seed plugs.

Discover the joy of indoor gardening in a magical way - with our seed plugs, growing horned violets in the Raumgarten becomes an enchanting pleasure. This set contains six carefully selected seed plugs that bring the vibrant colors of horned violets straight to your home.

The horned violets in these seed plugs enchant with their delicate flowers and soft colors. From subtly sweet to slightly spicy, they give your dishes a special touch. Use them as an edible decoration for salads, desserts or cocktails to add a touch of elegance.

But why not get a little creative? Use horned violets to add a pretty touch to your favorite cupcakes, use them as a topping for yogurt or granola, or soak them in refreshing water to brighten up your drinks. Your imagination knows no boundaries!

Give your Raumgarten the opportunity to bloom with our horned violet seed plugs and give your creations a unique, floral touch. Start your culinary journey into the world of indoor cultivation - uncomplicated, inspiring and with a touch of nature.