Microgreen Pads - Pure Set of 8 - Broccoli
Microgreen Pads - Pure Set of 8 - Broccoli

Microgreen Pads - Pure Set of 8 - Broccoli

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With the Microgreen Pads Pure Set you always have your favorite type of microgreens in stock for your Raumgarten - ready to harvest in just a few days.

Contains 8 microgreen pads of the broccoli variety.

Bring your Raumgarten to life - our organic seed pads make indoor farming child's play. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of microgreens, the new green trend for gourmets. Experience intense flavor, bright colors and culinary versatility that take your salads, soups and sandwiches to a new level.

Our organic seed pads bring the unique variety of flavors of broccoli microgreens directly to your home. 

The tender sprouts thrive beautifully in your Raumgarten and delight with their fresh, crunchy and slightly spicy taste. Imagine how this unmistakable broccoli taste enhances your dishes - a true taste experience.

Growing the microgreens is very easy: the cover of the seed pads can be removed after a short time to optimally support growth.

Start your own green revolution now and enjoy the unique taste of nature straight from your Raumgarten. Your kitchen has never been so fresh, colorful and tasteful!

The taste

Its extremely positive effects on health are no longer a secret. Not only is it an anti-inflammatory and weight gain antagonist - it also has the amazing ability to fight free radicals, boost the immune response and support cancer defense. It owes these impressive properties to its distinctive mustard oils such as the powerful sulforaphane. It has even left its successful mark in the world of cancer research and therapy ( read here )

But that's not all the broccoli microgreen has to offer. In addition to its abundance of vital substances, it impresses with its mild yet spicy taste, which makes it an indispensable ingredient in smoothies and delicious green pestos. This microgreen is the real health magic in your Raumgarten. Let it take your culinary creations to an unprecedented level!