Red cabbage – Grow the color and nutrient bomb at home

Plant red cabbage in the apartment

No cabbage patch required! As a microgreen, fresh red cabbage is always in season at home. It should actually be called Microred, because the junior red cabbage plants already have a reddish glow.

How does it taste?

Similar to full-grown red cabbage, red cabbage microgreens have a slightly milder taste than other types of cabbage and have a slightly sour and delicately tart note.

Best fit?

Thanks to its bright color, it's a great eye-catcher, especially on pumpkin dishes and autumn salads. The mild aroma gives berry or fruit smoothies a nutritional kick.

Red cabbage - knowledge

Red cabbage was already cultivated in Germany in the Middle Ages as a cultivated form of wild cabbage and was first mentioned in a plant book in the 12th century. By none other than Hildegard von Bingen. Depending on the region and soil conditions, the cabbage shines reddish or bluish and is therefore also known as red cabbage and red cabbage.

What's inside?

Red cabbage stands out from white cabbage not only in terms of color but also in terms of nutrients. And it comes in concentrated form as microgreens, a wonderful addition to the diet, and not just for those who don't like cabbage.

Red cabbage contains vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin E