Broccoli – Grow the bundle of nutrients yourself

Broccoli - the health microgreen

Not necessarily popular with children, but high on the menu of nutrition-conscious adults. For good reason: broccoli is full of important nutrients. As microgreens they come to the table in concentrated form.

How does it taste?

In terms of taste , broccoli microgreens are more reserved greens. The delicate, subtle taste is slightly sweet.

Best fit?

One of the most nutrient-rich greens of all that goes perfectly with potato dishes, but also in your smoothie.

Broccoli - knowledge

Broccoli originally comes from Asia Minor and was initially only known in Italy. In the 16th century, Caterina de' Medici, considered by many to be the mother of French cuisine, brought broccoli first to France and later to England.

It owes its nickname “Italian asparagus” to the taste of the stalk, which is reminiscent of green asparagus. Broccoli is closely related to cauliflower, but beats it by far when it comes to nutrients.

What's inside?

A whole lot! In addition to plenty of vitamin C and calcium, broccoli contains biotin and manganese. A little nutritional miracle.

Broccoli contains biotin, manganese and magnesium